Different Services Offered By A Workers Comp Attorney

Are you intending to hire the services of workers comp attorney? It is indeed a good decision if you want to obtain your compensation amount successfully without any hassles. Here are some ways in how a worker comp attorney in Los Angeles from Joe, Southard & Yeoh LLP can help you:

1. Determine the Validity of the case

Workers compensation attorney will first go through your case papers and determine the validity of the case. He will decide if you stand any chance of winning the case. The attorney will also cross check witnesses and develop a litigation strategy which can help your case. By this initial evaluation, the attorney will decide whether to proceed with the claim or not.

2.) Filing a Claim

After evaluating the case, the attorney will file a claim against the offending party. The claim is always in the written format and encompasses records pertaining to the case. A copy of this application is also given to the court. The offending party is then given enough time to respond to the claim.

3.) Negotiation

Talk forms an integral part of the lawsuit process. As the name suggests, in this step, the worker's compensation attorney negotiates on your behalf. He negotiates with the client's insurance company to resolve the matter out of court. A settlement might be reached after negotiation. If not, the case moves on to the next step.

4.) Trial

The worker's compensation lawyer will then try the case in federal as well as state courts and commissions. He will remain on the case until the end of the trial and will represent you in court. The attorney also cross-checks the offending party witness during the trial. Last but not the least, a workers comp attorney maintains a caseload and responds to clients and courts.

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