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In Salt Lake City, many road accidents occur. As a result of the indicated events, many people were killed. Despite the improvement of the quality of roads, drivers' awareness of road safety, the number of road accidents does not decrease at all. What is the situation of the road accident offender, what are the consequences of an accident on the road and whether any collision on the road is an accident right away (differences between accident and collision)? Road accident – what is it. In order to be able to talk about a road accident at all, all the conditions in George Tait Law for a truck accident law firm in Salt Lake City. are as follows violation of the safety rules in a land, water or air traffic – intentional or unintentional, unintentional causing an accident, an effect in the form of damage to the health of another person (the health of the perpetrator has no meaning).

Safety rules in land traffic. Important! If you are the perpetrator of a truck accident, you should analyze whether during the incident you committed a violation of safety rules in traffic and if so, whether it had an impact on the accident. The rules of safety in traffic are general and specific rules that define the safety conditions in traffic. These are primarily rules expressed directly in the regulations: Traffic laws, Act on drivers of vehicles. Remember! The most important general principles of road safety are: the precautionary principle (or sometimes the principle of extreme caution), the principle of limited trust, safe speed principle, rules/rules for changing direction and lane (including the rule of passing, rules of evasion, rules for reversing) rules/rules for crossing the intersection, rules/rules for passing through pedestrian crossings.


However, the principles of safety inland traffic are not only rules resulting from legal regulations, but also those resulting from the very essence of road safety.

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