Portland Criminal Defense Attorney

What criminal charges are being brought against me?


If you have been brought up on criminal charges, it is likely that you are feeling overwhelmed. But don't worry, a criminal attorney can help. The first thing they will want to know is what criminal charges you are facing. Sometimes the criminal attorney may need more information before knowing how they can help, such as:


– how long you have been facing criminal charges in Portland


– what criminal charge the criminal attorney will be defending you against.


If a Portland criminal attorney is going to help, they need to know all of this so that they can discuss what resources they have to work with and which ones they don't. If a criminal attorney doesn't have an idea about what criminal charges you are facing, then there's no way that they could possibly know how they can help. Contact Mark C. Cogan, P.C. a criminal law firm in Portland to help you.


Who will the criminal attorney be defending me against?


In criminal cases, criminal attorneys defend criminal defendants from criminal prosecution by the government. In a criminal case, a consequence of conviction is a loss of liberty in some form. criminal charges can range from a traffic ticket to murder. criminal defense attorneys must be familiar with criminal law and procedure, criminal defenses, case law, and the applicable rules of evidence.


Criminal defense attorneys have the task of ensuring that their clients' constitutional rights are protected. criminal defense attorneys also attempt to negotiate plea bargains with the prosecutor on their clients' behalf. criminal defense attorneys also represent their clients in court.


 criminal cases can be very complex, as well as emotionally draining for the client. criminal defense attorneys must have the ability to handle many different types of criminal cases and be able to advocate for their clients.