Juvenile Defense Attorney in Vista

Juvenile defense is a unique area of law that focuses on representing minors who have been accused of crimes. In many cases, juvenile defense attorneys may also work with families to help them navigate the juvenile justice system and ensure their child's rights are protected.


If your child has been accused of a crime, it is important to seek experienced legal representation as soon as possible. The Vista juvenile defense attorneys at the Griffin Law Office, APC have significant experience handling all types of juvenile cases, including serious felonies. They understand the unique challenges that come with defending minors and are dedicated to protecting your child's rights and future.


Contact them today to schedule a free consultation. What can minors be charged with in Vista?


In Vista, minors can be charged with any crime that an adult could be charged with. However, the vast majority of juvenile cases involve nonviolent offenses, such as shoplifting, vandalism, or trespassing. more serious crimes, such as robbery or assault, are also heard in juvenile court. Griffin Law Office, APC are a criminal law firm in Vista that can help you if your child was accused of a crime.


How is the juvenile justice system different from the adult system?


The juvenile justice system is very different from the adult criminal justice system. The main difference is that the focus of the juvenile system is on rehabilitation, rather than punishment. This means that even if your child is found guilty of a crime, they will generally not be sentenced to prison but will instead be placed in a juvenile detention center or given probation.