Fort Mill child custody attorneys

The Fort Mill, SC child custody lawyers of the David W. Martin Law Group can help you in your Fort Mill child custody battle or in a pre-filing case, whether it be contested or uncontested. Child custody laws can be complicated and can change from state to state so if you have any questions about Fort Mill child custody laws then please feel free to give Fort Mill child custody lawyers a call. Fort Mill child custody laws are set forth by the South Carolina Code of Laws.


The David W. Martin Law Group, PLLC is a Fort Mill child custody law firm where David W. Martin and his Fort Mill child custody staff work tirelessly to protect Fort Mill children's rights in Fort Mill child custody cases whether it be a Fort Mill family court case or an appeal of Fort Mill family court cases by Fort Mill appellate attorneys at the South Carolina Court of Appeals, the Fort Mill Court of Appeals or the South Carolina Supreme Court. Fort Mill child custody laws are also followed by Fort Mill probate judges and Fort Mill guardianship cases too.


The Fort Mill child custody lawyers of the David W. Martin Law Group can assist you in Fort Mill divorce and Fort Mill alimony cases, Fort Mill child abuse and neglect cases, Fort Mill grandparent's rights cases, Fort Mill restraining order cases and Fort Mill high conflict custody cases such as Fort Mill international child abduction (also known as Hague) cases, Fort Mill interstate child custody cases and Fort Mill military child custody cases.

In Fort Mill, South Carolina if a judge orders that one of the parents in a Fort Mill divorce case is not allowed to see his or her children then that parent will most likely suffer Fort Mill child custody consequences such as Fort Mill court-imposed sanctions and Fort Mill other Fort Mill family court restrictions.