Finding a Family Lawyer in Los Angeles

Family law is an area of law that affects you, your family, and your personal well-being in some cases. This all depends on what reason you need a family lawyer Los Angeles in the first place. Not every aspect of family law comes with a negative connotation. You would need a family lawyer to help you adopt a child, which is a very happy occasion. You would also need a family law attorney to assist you in writing up a prenuptial agreement, which means you are planning on getting married soon, which is also a great occasion. Not everything a Los Angeles family lawyer does is for people who are going through difficult times, but there are a lot of instances when that is the case. Whether you are needing a lawyer for something bad or for something good, setting up a consultation with Whitmarsh Family Law is an intelligent idea.


People tend to get this idea that family lawyers only help those who are going through a divorce. Family law is so much more than that. Whitmarsh Family Law a family law firm in Los Angeles does help people with their divorces but they do much more than help dissolve a marriage. They also help father’s establish paternity as well as get their rights spelled out and understood. They have helped people create prenuptial agreements. They have also handled both child custody and child support cases together and separately. Family law can be complex and diverse, and luckily Whitmarsh Family Law can handle it all. After decades of helping those in family law matters, this law firm truly understands what needs to be done to get the outcome that their clients are after.