Truck accidents can cause truck accident injuries including truck accident fatalities. Florida trucking accidents are not just limited to the truck itself colliding with another vehicle or object. Truck accidents can happen in many other circumstances, whether it be a trucker falling asleep at the wheel, truckers making traffic violations leading to an accident, or an unsafe truck causing damage to surrounding vehicles from a truck accident.


It is also important to note that truck drivers must obey all traffic laws at all times while operating their trucks in Florida. Truck drivers who violate trucking regulations in Florida are putting themselves and other motorists in jeopardy. Truck drivers failing to adhere to truck driving laws can lead to truck accidents, truckers making traffic violations leading to truck accidents.

Truck Accidents Caused by Truck Unsafe Conditions

An overloaded or overstressed vehicle can cause it to crash under its own weight. These kinds of accidents are typically caused by trucks that have been poorly maintained and therefore become unfit for the road.


Like any other vehicle operator, a Florida motorist must comply with all traffic laws and regulations at all times. A Florida motorist who fails to adhere to traffic and safety regulations can lead to truck accidents.

Truck Accidents Caused by Trucker Fatigue violations

Tired truckers and trucker fatigue violations can both cause truck accidents. A truck driver who has been awake for more than the legal limit of time, who is sleep-deprived, or secondary vehicular truck drivers guilty of violating their state's rules concerning trucker fatigue are risking themselves and other motorists on the road with them.

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